I know you are at that age where you are beginning to get worried because your plans to meet someone, fall in love, get married and live Happily Ever After haven’t quite manifested yet and this is giving you a lot of concern.
You are very normal to feel concerned and disturbed if it’s not happening like you have wished and planned for it to.
Every time in our lives when things don’t happen when we want them to, it’s time to reflect on if we have done all we could or it’s totally beyond our control.
Finding the love of your life is a matter of you doing your best and leaving the rest to God. However, do you think you have done your best yet?
In my program, The Find Your Mate Project, I help my clients understand THE LAW OF FOCUS!!
Just like a project, when you focus on getting a particular thing, you begin to see so many things that you have neglected before. Things you didn’t really think much of when it wasn’t a big deal that you weren’t in a relationship or Marriage yet.
So, when you tune in to Focus on Marriage, then I would also ask if you are focusing on the right things or on the wrong things?
Are you focusing on the fact that village people could be behind your marriage less life?
Are you focusing on the fact that you haven’t gotten married because you have a child or you were once divorced or you looked ugly or you don’t have enough money for anyone to want to settle down with?
Reasons why I brought this up is that, where focus goes, attention goes. So, if you focus on your inadequacies, you would keep expanding them.
Rather, focus on your strengths and look for how to minimize your weakness without paying overly too much attention to them.
Focus on how great a Man’s life would be with you in it.
Focus on how great your kids would turn out because you would marry a great husband.
Focus on how your work would be a great instrument to giving your family the best life that you have desired for it to be.
Focus on how beautiful you look and how your husband would be forever grateful for having a stunner as a wife.
Focus on how to turn around your lack of vulnerability, trust issues, bitterness and past hurts to an asset that could draw people to you and this is where you need me to help you highlight what went wrong and what to do to turn you into a Love Magnet. All you need to do is call me now on 08060655460.
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It is never too late to live Happily Ever After.

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