I remember meeting a man a while ago who is older than me, who is a Muslim, smokes and   has the baggage of a wife that he’s trying to divorce after about two years of separation..

I painted this scenario because in as much as I am a very liberal person, I wouldn’t marry a Muslim especially because I really don’t know much about the religion and I would want someone whom we are on the same page, belief wise. Also, I have a thing against smoking because I can’t stand it, and I know the bias started from my upbringing and all the “smoking is a sin” doctrine that I have heard for so long. Now, that I am grown, I understand that it’s not a sin, it’s just the same vice as drinking and all other things that people excuse as not so big of a deal… Furthermore, I don’t mind if the man is divorced, as long as he’s done it properly and there’s nothing to come and haunt me afterwards. However, I knew that these things I don’t agree with would be an issue for me in the nearest future but because I was lonely, I liked him and I just thought I needed a boyfriend at the time, I went ahead to date this man. Your guess is as good as mine because, we were on different pages and whenever he smoked around me or I saw that he just finished or smoking or something, I pick a fight. The fact that we would also argue so much about Religion was another draining issue for both of us. I didn’t know what I expected, maybe I expected him to change for my sake. How many of us are like this; knowing the ton issues the other person has but we still go ahead to date them hoping for a miracle?? When the miracle doesn’t happen, we begin to nag, complain and revolt against what we knew was there from day one. Guys, you cannot change anyone except the person get convinced on the inside to drop some habits on their own and this happens in like 10% of most relationships that I have seen and heard about. Do not enter in a relationship where you know the end from the beginning, but because of your loneliness and desperation, you enter it by fire by force.. This is what I discussed in my video of the week titled DO NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED, where I gave different examples of people you shouldn’t date or be in love with. Click https://youtu.be/ffl9JDVCifw to watch it now and subscribe to my channel for my weekly videos.

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