These days, I come across people that meet people, like them, fall in love and they begin to date for a while and after some months they break it off. I know every relationship wouldn’t end up in marriage because it takes a whole lot to get to the marriage level. However, when you begin to have relationships that break off before a year mostly, then there is most likely a problem. If you have been having relationships that doesn’t cross the one year boundary for a while now, then you may need to ask yourself these questions;
  • 1) Do you really get to know the person well before you make a commitment to date them or you just jump into it because you want to marry?
  • 2) Did you make sure that your values align or complement each other before you date them?
  • 3) Do you know what to do to keep a relationship or a man/woman’s attention for a very long time?
  • 4) Do you think your current Behaviors is enough to make any one stay with you for a very long time?
  • 5) Are their things most of your exes complain about that are more like a pattern between you and them???
If you want someone to help you connect the dots with these questions, you can book a session with me and let me help you trace your patterns and bring solutions that would improve your love life.

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