Ready to detoxify your emotional life ?

Do you seem to find yourself in a situation that no one else seems to understand you?
Do you have addictions that you escape to from your well of darkness?Do you generally have trust issues such that you hardly trust anyone?Do you have constant explosive outbursts that you regret later?

Do you have shadows and darkness from your past that would not go away?
Do you have an overwhelming fear that something terrible might go wrong with you soon?
Do you find it so hard to be vulnerable to people even when you desperately want to be?

Do you shut people out from your innermost depths because you are too scared to let anyone in?

Are you hurt so bad from previous abuse, rape or heartbreaks?

If you answered Yes to ANY of these questions, then worry no more because help is here.

A lot of these questions are symptoms of Emotional Dysfunction which plagues a lot of people and hinders them from living an intense, passionate and fulfilling life.

Emotional Dysfunction makes people go through life like they are dead even when they are full of life and their heart is pumping blood. Emotional Dysfunction makes you dead at 30 but buried at 85.

I would walk you through a 8 weeks journey of

  1. Decluttering
  2. Letting Go of Destructive Patterns and Self Sabotage
  3. Purging Emotional Toxins
  4. Find the Missing You
  5. Reclaiming your Power
  6. Building Emotional Immunity
  7. Emotional Wellness

All these would be done via Video Messages, Coaching Calls and Live Therapy Class.

It would be 8 weeks of letting go and exhaling fresh air.

At the end of these 8 weeks, you would:

  1. Forgive people who hurt you in the past and in future.
  2. Relate better with people without misunderstanding or misquoting them.
  3. Develop Capacity to trust and expect good things from people.
  4. Attract good people that would do you lots of good
  5. Become a better wife, husband, lover, parent and generally a better citizen to your nation.
  6. Become anxiety free and generally sleep better at night.
  7. Live an Intense, Passionate and Fulfilling life and much more.