Ready to get on a robust relationship ?


Sometimes when you are in a relationship, you can get confused or you just need mentoring or coaching so that you can do the right things and have a more robust relationship that can lead to Marriage.

Also, you may not see what you are doing wrongly to jeopardize a potentially good relationship or it could be the crap you are accepting just because you want a relationship badly.

So, this is why you need me to help you;

  1. Analyze your relationship.
  2. Help you set healthy Relationship Goals.
  3. Deal with your Self Sabotaging Behaviours.
  4. Mentor you in your relationship.
  5. Make healthy Relationship Decisions.
  6. Profile you and your Significant Other.
  7. Lead your relationship to the Altar.


  1. Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls on Video.
  2. Assignments to improve your relationships from time to time.
  3. Relationship Videos to enhance your relationships.
  4. 24 hours opportunity to reach me for any relationship issue.

QUARTERLY FEE: N100,000 | YEARLY FEE: N300,000